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Participate in our 10 Day Challenge 

Day 1: Use the Jailed for Melanin template to send a message to your representatives asking them to support the Next Step Act and Second Look Bill to support prisoner reentry and appoint federal judges to review petitions for sentence reductions after a person has spent 10 years in prison. 

Day 2: Register to vote, if you aren’t already 

Day 3: Watch 13th, a documentary on mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex that is free on YouTube or available on Netflix  


Day 4: Read about the recent Supreme Court ruling that will disenfranchise millions of ex-felons in Florida due to outstanding fines or fees related to their convictions 


Day 5: Sign this petition to abolish prison labor in the United States 

Day 6: Donate to an organization that helps exonerate wrongfully convicted individuals and empower marginalized communities in the criminal justice system or click this link to watch videos that donate ad revenues to Black Lives Matter causes 

Day 7: Read a personal story that displays the disproportionate impact of mass incarceration on communities of color  


Day 8: Learn about voter suppression for convicted felons 


Day 9: Contact an elected official about Saraya, a 14-year-old who was incarcerated due to a psychotic episode after being taken off of antidepressants. 


Day 10: Share Jailed for Melanin resources for learning more and taking action with five people 

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