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San Quentin is a prison located in Marin County. As of July 10th 2020, nearly 1500 inmates have the virus along with more than 200 prison staff. The source of the outbreak in San Quentin is likely caused by a transfer of over 120 inmates from Chino in late May. On July 6th, the California Correctional Heath Care Service admitted to not testing these prisoners prior to the transfer. 42 percent of the inmates at this prison are deemed “medically vulnerable” and the facilities at San Quentin further put these inmates at risk. The Dean Emeritus of UC Berkeley School of Public Health described San Quentin as “five floors stacked on top of each other…all onto an atrium so essentially everyone in those cells is breathing the common air, so that’s 800 people in that one cell block”. These conditions along with the North and West Blocks operating at 190% capacity make San Quentin prisoners extremely vulnerable. With immense pressure from advocates of stoping the outbreak at San Quentin, the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom announced the release of 8,000 prisoners who are scheduled to be freed soon or are at high risk of complications if infected with the virus. These releases are scheduled to happen on a rolling basis starting in August. However, this is just the beginning and much more can be done to prevent the Outbreak. Click here to read the demands from the incarcerated community at San Quentin.

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